Keep One Billion Semi-Truckloads of CO2 Out of the Air Every Year

Under a carbon fee and dividend all Americans will receive a uniform dividend check or rebate equal to the new taxes the federal government will collect from producers of fossil fuels.

A carbon fee is very much like a consumption tax. If one uses goods or services that are made with or involve fossil fuels, he or she will ultimately pay more, but those who use less will pay less. Attributing the costs of burning carbon fuels more directly to a consumer’s use of them will reduce our demand on dirty energy sources and will influence individuals and couples when deciding ultimately the number of children to have.

Opting for smaller families and greener lifestyles through a carbon fee and dividend will help heal our planet’s environmental problems much faster than any other green policies.


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Dear (Elected Official):

I am writing to urge your support of a carbon fee and dividend as a major step to reducing the catastrophic effects of climate change. Reducing CO2 emissions not only reduces pollution, saves lives and avoids other adverse health impacts, but it saves the economy billions in health and environmental costs.

Attributing the costs of burning fossil fuels more directly to the people that use them will positively influence individuals choices towards greener lifestyles including smaller families which will have the greatest impact toward solving our climate and extinction emergencies.

Please support the carbon fee and dividend for the sake of me, my family and all Americans you proudly represent. I am counting on you and will be paying attention to what you do on this issue. Should you or your staff have any questions, you may reach me at the above address.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your constituent,

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