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‘It’s a massive injustice’: inside a film on the dangers of overpopulation

“Though shrinking population growth is important, so is the manner of getting to the aforementioned goal, Spahr maintains. Doing so ethically, he reasons, will result in a much brighter future for all.”

‘8 Billion Angels’ Review: Giving Earth Top Billing

“Experts suggest that the need of the hour is population control, which is best achieved by educating women and empowering them to plan their families.”

“In today’s world, where huge numbers are going vegan and vegetarian for the climate, we promote small families as the biggest reduction in one’s carbon footprint, with 100 times more impact than going vegan. Thank you for making that film and sharing the trailer. It’s really good.”
– Peter Feikowski, President, Healthy Climate Alliance Founder, Foundation for Climate Restoration

8 BILLION ANGELS Featured in the Daily Mail

 November 15, 2022

Does global population hitting 8 billion herald famine, mass migration, new plagues and water wars – or a new glorious era of human progress, asks Dominic Sandbrook for the Daily Mail.

Unemployed men queued outside a depression soup kitchen opened in Chicago by Al Capone, 1931

Confronting the Impact of Unsustainable Growth

Today, humanity’s demand for resources vastly exceeds nature’s ability to supply them. Food, water, climate and extinction emergencies are unfolding before our eyes. 8 Billion Angels tells the truth about the conflict between the size of our global population and the sustainability of our planet. It dispels the misperceptions that technology can save us, that reducing consumption is the answer, and that the blame lies solely in the developing world.

At its core, 8 Billion Angels derives its power from stories because audiences connect more deeply to experiences than data and facts. 8 Billion Angels weaves together the voices of people around the world as they confront the growing impact of overpopulation on their lives and the planet.

With passion, humility, and honesty, experts explain the indisputable connection between our environmental catastrophes, unsustainable population and increasing consumption. The consequences to humanity and the planet are laid bare if we do not quickly and dramatically alter our current population and consumption trajectories.

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Ending Overshoot Starts Now!

Earth Overshoot was founded to build upon the key messages presented in 8 Billion Angels, a documentary feature film produced by Executive Director Terry Spahr about overpopulation as the upstream cause of our environmental emergencies.

The film represents the first phase of Earth Overshoot’s multi-tiered approach to raising awareness and normalizing the discussion about the catastrophic impact our unsustainable population growth and consumption are having on our planet and the steps we can take collectively and individually to solve the problem.

Visit Earth Overshoot to find out ways how to help including contacting elected representatives, UN officials and your local media to demand action on sustainability.


Together We Can Implement Change

8 Billion Angels is shown in community screenings so that the topic of population is surrounded with meaningful dialogue that leads to personal introspection and powerful change

After watching 8 Billion Angels, there is a valuable opportunity for individuals to make changes in their everyday lives that can help the world achieve sustainability. Our team of experts has compiled tools and resources to aid in guiding you.