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Nature Solutionaries Podcast Featuring Terry Spahr

Talking about overpopulation isn’t sexy, but we have to do it. Podcast host Veronika Perková created Nature Solutionaries to support inspirational conservationists and encourage listeners to do something good for nature. In this episode she interviews Terry Spahr, the environmentalist and producer behind the documentary 8 BILLION ANGELS. They talk about: how population growth impacts our…

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8 Billion Angels Honored as a ‘Change Champion’

 Award Recognizes Organizations for Progressive, Effective and Brave Work To mark World Population Day 2021 on July 11th, UK-based charity Population Matters named 8 BILLION ANGELS a Change Champion and honored the documentary for “Shining a Light” on the issue of unsustainable population growth and promoting the proven, positive solutions to protect the environment and…

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Going, Going, Gone – The Emptying of Our Oceans by Terry Spahr

A new study demonstrates the need for people to adopt an AND mindset instead of an EITHER/OR strategy if we are to stop the global depletion of marine life in our oceans. Researchers from the Sea Around Us initiative at UBC, the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the University of Western Australia,…

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World Population Day – Why It Matters

World Population Day (WPD), established by the United Nations Development Programme in 1989, falls on 11 July every year and focuses attention on the urgency and importance of population issues. Regardless of your personal views concerning population, hopefully most of us can agree that the empowerment of women, choice and agency in regards to family…

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The Overpopulation Podcast: A Conversation with Filmmaker Terry Spahr

Each year, 80 million people are added to a population that has long exceeded the Earth’s carrying capacity. Our state of ecological overshoot is severe enough that technological advancements and per-capita carbon footprint reduction alone can’t save humanity from experiencing environmental catastrophe. In this episode, Dave chats with Executive Producer Terry Spahr about his new…

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