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The Academy Award Doesn’t Go to… The Inconvenient Truth About Renewable Energy

At the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award Ceremony this year, one film thought to be an odds-on favorite was conspicuously absent. Despite its big budget, bankable star and blockbuster marketing campaign, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” ended a disappointing run as the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 2006 original film, “An…

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8 Billion Angels Travels to India

As soon as I stepped off the plane, I tasted acrid air thick with smoke from burning trash, smoldering rice fields, charcoal cooking fires, and exhaust from the legion of motorbikes, tuk tuks and trucks clogging the streets of Delhi, India. Delhi is considered the 3rd largest city (behind Tokyo-Yakahama and Jakarta) in the world…

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Go on a Carbon Diet

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint and Heal the Planet The average American pigs out at the proverbial fossil fuel trough by consuming goods and services that add 20 tons of Greenhouse gases (CO2) annually to our atmosphere and oceans. By comparison, the average global citizen consumes and emits 5 tons of CO2 annually. Based on 7.5…

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Pope Meets with Pacific Leaders to Curb Heat-trapping Emissions

Pope Francis recently met with a delegation of Pacific leaders urging leaders to curb heat-trapping emissions and blasting “shortsighted human activity” for global warming, rising sea levels, and the overfishing and pollution of the oceans. There is no question curbing heat-trapping emissions is critical in helping our earth’s natural systems remain in balance, but what…

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Population and National Strategic Interest

As reported in the Associated Press on October 5th 2017, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ceased internal production of livestock feed and wheat due to water scarcity. Food and water security are a major strategic challenge for the middle eastern country, resulting in strategic trade deals with Russia to import feed for Saudi livestock. In…

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Earth Overshoot Day

Today, August 2 marks Earth Overshoot Day. A day that represents when all 7.5 Billion people on our planet have used up the resources that the earth can naturally regenerate every year. Tomorrow, August 3, according to The Global Footprint Network, an organization that studies the bio capacity of the earth, we start eating into…

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