MVP Sustainability Map



Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

17.4 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

2.30 %

Population Growth

$ 517

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

Afghanistanis live very modestly yet have roughly twice as many people than the country can sustain. A United Nations environmental assessment reported widespread land and resource degradation, including lowered water tables, desiccation of wetlands, widespread loss of vegetative cover, erosion and loss of wildlife.(1) In 2019, the fertility rate for Afghanistan was 4.32 children per woman, one of the highest in Asia and the world. Religion and culture impede the education of girls and access to family planning. Due to poor healthcare the leading cause of death in the country is maternal mortality.(2) The Taliban seized control of the country in the Fall of 2021. Its history is replete with human rights abuse especially toward women. The near term does not look promising toward improvement of human and, or environmental health and sustainability.