MVP Sustainability Map

Bosnia & Herzegovina


Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

12.0 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

-0.61 %

Population Growth

$ 6,080

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

Bosnia & Herzegovina is twice as populated than what is considered a sustainable level.

According to the UN Environmental Program, the country is now estimated to be the second deadliest in the world for air pollution. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 44,000 years of life are lost each year due to air pollution. Air pollution is contributing to respiratory diseases and heart problems, cancer and asthma.

Fortunately a decline in the population rate since 2005 has decreased pressure on the environment. The demographic improvement has not been the result of an intentional campaign. The country has one of the lowest fertility rates averaging 1.3 children per mother for the past ten years and a steady stream of emigration in excess of 20,000 citizens a year largely due to the bleak economic opportunities. Parents have fewer children due to their cost and many people emigrate to find higher paying jobs in neighboring countries like Germany. Nevertheless this reduction in population is having a measurable impact to restoring nature and putting the country on a long term path to sustainability.