MVP Sustainability Map



Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

59.3 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

-0.20 %

Population Growth

$ 6,424

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

The Yale Environmental Performance Index (EPI) in 2021 ranked Belarus in the top 1/4 of countries based on overall environmental health. Nevertheless, one in eight Belarusians still live in areas polluted by radiation after the Chernobyl catastrophe.

Belarus has achieved 28th position among 187 countries in the Gender Equality Index of the UNDP’s Human Development Report 2014, better than the average in countries with very high human development. (Unicef 2017). Belarus has achieved most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It has achieved universal primary education, attained progress in expanding women’s participation in decision- making and promoting gender equality. As of February 2019, 34.5% of parliament seats are held by women. (1)

With decent Human Development Indicators Belarus’s fertility rate has remained below replacement fertility. With minimal immigration the country's population growth rate has essentially remained flat the last few years and is expected to decline slightly in 2020. Because the country’s population currently exceeds sustainable levels this decline should be welcomed and celebrated as a positive step on the path toward long term sustainability.