MVP Sustainability Map

Republic of the Congo


Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

18.5 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

2.53 %

Population Growth

$ 1,846

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

The Republic of Congo sits west of The Democratic Republic of Congo and like its neighbor is rich in natural resources boasting vast deposits of minerals and one of the largest forest reserves, part of the Congo Basin. It boasts multiple rivers that could supply half the electricity of all of the continent and oil reserves that are a huge source of revenue.

Half the population lives in dire poverty with minimal consumption. Combined with vast amounts of biodiversity and renewable resources the country could support nine times as many citizens sustainably.

Nevertheless the Republic of Congo has a very high fertility rate of 4.5 children per woman down from 5 in 1995. That fertility rate will continue to erode the carrying capacity of the country and eventually threaten its sustainability.