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Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

75.9 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

1.07 %

Population Growth

$ 5,335

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

Columbia has a very diverse geography, abundant natural resources and as National Geographic declared in 2022 the second most biodiverse country on Earth. Based on its current per capita consumption the country is very sustainable. However there is ever greater lawlessness and exploitation of natural resources putting more pressure on the environment. Monga Bay reported among the most intense issues for Colombia in 2019 were deforestation, the debate over fracking, the increase in extractive activities, and restrictions on citizen participation in deciding the latter. In 2020 there were 284 assasinations of social, environmental, and indigenous leaders trying to protect and defend pristine lands. Global Witness reported Colombia as the most dangerous country in the world for environmental defenders.

Thanks to intentional campaigns to provide access to reproductive health care, Columbia has had high contraception adoption rates in the recent decade. Additionally girls’ education has led to increased participation in the workforce, growing from 30 percent to 43 percent between 1990 and 2012.(1) In another sign of protecting women's rights in February 2022 The Constitutional Court legalized abortion until the 24th week of pregnancy.

Between 2010 to 2020 Columbia's fertility rate has trended and remained below replacement, however the population is growing primarily from immigration. In an effort to propel the economy the government has reformed many areas that have improved security, the economy and overall quality of life. As a result since 2015 the country has seen immigration of over 200,000 new residents a year. Many are coming from neighboring Latin American countries like Venezuela as well as Europe, North America and Asia.

(1) (Borgen Project)