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Sustainable Population


Contraception Use


Species Threatened

-1.55 %

Population Growth

$ 16,746

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

Curacao is a small island nation off the coast of venezuela. There is no ecological data from the Global Footprint Network available on the carrying capacity of Curacao. At this point Earth Overshoot is unable provide a sustainable population level for the country, nor a sustainability ranking.Additionally The World Bank does lacks data to report contraception use.

For the past decade the population growth rate has slowed due to below replacement level fertility. There is some immigration, but overall population growth is slowing. This trend is a good sign because the CIA Factbook reports “Curacao has limited natural resources, poor soil, and inadequate water supplies, and budgetary problems complicate reform of the health and education systems. Problems in waste management that threaten environmental sustainability on the island include pollution of marine areas from domestic sewage, inadequate sewage treatment facilities, industrial effluents and agricultural runoff, the mismanagement of toxic substances, and ineffective regulations.”

Overall, the health related indicators on Curaçao are very good. Adolescent fertility continues to decrease and life expectancy continues to rise according to the World Bank social development indicators. Because of missing ecological footprint data, a sustainability ranking was not given for Curacao.