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French Guiana is a territory under France. Technically not its own country, the World Bank does not provide population growth rate or contraception use statistics. The Global Footprint Network, however, performs a separate ecological analysis for this territory so Earth Overshoot includes it in its Sustainable country analyses. French Guiana has a very small population compared to its enormous natural resource base.

Overall, more than 90 percent of French Guiana is forested, about 95 percent of which consists of primary forest. Average annual deforestation rates have actually declined by 17 percent since the end of the 1990s. (1)

French Guiana has the largest biocapacity percentage compared to economic consumption than any country in the world. Even though its population growth rate is high thanks to an average fertility rate of 3.5 children per mother for the past decade, at current economic activity levels, the country is projected to remain sustainable for a long time.