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Species Threatened

-0.45 %

Population Growth

$ 14,134

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Country Comments

Since 1990 Croatia’s population has been gradually declining. Croatia has invested in family planning as well as a high level of female education that can be attributed to the declining fertility rate which for the past 10 years has averaged 1 ½ children per mother. Emigration by citizens to more prosperous regions accounts for approximately one third of the roughly 25,000 fewer citizens annually. Regarding contraception use The World Bank did not have data for Croatia.

Croatia’s graceful downsizing has been a boost to restoring the environment. Its population, although declining, is still 20% greater than a sustainable level for the country. Unfortunately the political leadership misguidedly considers the population decline an existential problem and is looking at incentives to boost birth rates even though annual economic growth has hummed along between 4%-5% prior to the global recession in 2008 and more recently at respectable levels once emerging from it.