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Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

70.9 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

1.22 %

Population Growth

$ 85,268

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

Ireland has maintained a fertility level slightly lower than replacement since the early 1990’s. Based on its consumption and production and its available natural resources, Ireland’s current population level is unsustainable. Its population has been growing averaging approximately 50,000 new citizens annually since 2016 of which about half of that growth comes from net immigration.

Ireland is one of the least forested European countries with 9% of its land covered by trees. The once abundant cod fisheries are non existent.

Absolute emissions of greenhouse gases in agriculture and land use have increased in Ireland relative to 2005 largely due to a 20% increase in its total population over the same period.

The United Nations Development Program ranked Ireland the second best in the world in overall human health standards. Average life expectancy at birth was 74.8 in Ireland in 1990 and has risen to 82.3, while average years of schooling were 9.7 and are now 12.7.