MVP Sustainability Map



Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

16.4 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

2.97 %

Population Growth

$ 862

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

Mali is one of the economically poorest countries in the world. With its low consumption per person it is currently sustainable. However the country has one of the fastest population growth rates averaging over 500,000 more new citizens a year for the past decade due to a very high total fertility rate of over six children per woman the last few decades. The country will exceed its carrying capacity in the next year or two based on its fast population growth, and will continue to see worsening deforestation, soil erosion, wildlife poaching and water scarcity.

To ensure better health and well being of its people and environment Mali must address the lack of girl’s education, pressure from husbands for more children, and lack of access to contraception which keep the fertility, population growth, and poverty rates all stubbornly high.