MVP Sustainability Map



Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

45.2 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

1.50 %

Population Growth

$ 4,947

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

Mongolia is rich in renewable and non-renewable resources. It’s two largest economic sectors are agriculture and mining. For the past three decades Mongolia has grown into a vibrant democracy tripling its per capita GDP. The country is currently sustainable but with both an increasing consumption per person and an increasing population of over 50,000 more citizens a year due to a fertility rate since 2015 of almost three children per woman, Mongolia is on an unsustainable path.

It’s capital has experienced significant health issues from air quality measurements registering 133 times higher than what the World Health Organization considers safe levels. The capital in 2019 banned the use of coal in households trying to stem the pollution.

Mongolia has made significant strides in education with 97% of all youth achieving primary schooling. The Borgen Project reported that while access to education has improved for Mongolian girls, they still face challenges in the job market and remain underrepresented in the political system. It also remains challenging for women from low-income and rural families to attend university.