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Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

67.1 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

0.19 %

Population Growth

$ 22,176

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

Portugal is one of the fastest declining populations in Europe. Since the mid 1980s Portugal has experienced below replacement fertility and as a result the last decade has begun to see an overall population decline. This is a positive trend in a country with roughly three times as many people than its renewable resources can support sustainably.

Despite a good economy and low unemployment levels, government officials have tried offering financial incentives to its citizens to have more children mistakingly believeing it will spur greater growth and well being.

With less pressure from population growth and a focus on the environment, the water standards, air quality, urban waste, and energy sectors have shown high improvement. (1)

Since the beginning of Portugal 2020, 100 percent of urban and rural drinking water and bathing water meets health standards. This is just one example of how declining population pressures and a focus on human health is putting the country on a sustainable path. (2)