MVP Sustainability Map

Saudi Arabia


Sustainability Grade




Sustainable Population

20.8 %

Contraception Use


Species Threatened

1.58 %

Population Growth

$ 20,110

GDP Per Capita

Country Comments

High population growth, and rapid urbanization and development fueled by a petroleum based economy have led to increased air and water pollution and degradation and desertification of its lands. Saudi Arabia's population growth has been rapid the past few decades fueled both by high fertility rates which have been gradually declining and getting closer to replacement levels, and by high immigration levels of low skilled inexpensive workers tasked with much of the labor of this development. As a result the country has become grossly overpopulated exceeding its carrying capacity thirteen fold.

Family planning as an option has been left to the discretion of individual families without the government having any say on the matter.

Amnesty international reports Women and girls continue to face discrimination in law and practice in relation to marriage, divorce and inheritance, and remained inadequately protected from sexual and other forms of violence. (1)