Remove Billions of tons of CO2 out of the Air

One of the biggest of many symptoms caused by humanity’s impact on the earth is climate change. Climate change comes from the burning of fossil fuels and the resulting CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere. Some of the symptoms are warming of the water and air, changing weather patterns and acidification of the oceans.

Political leadership needs a two pronged approach at treating this symptom.

First- Promote and support technologies that speed up the natural processes of absorption of CO2. There are many early stage companies developing different technologies to help remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

Second- Reduce the amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere. The most effective way to reduce the personal use of certain goods is to impose a tax on them. If fossil energy becomes more expensive the market will shift to energy sources with fewer carbon emissions. This action requires personal and political will because it requires people to make choices and sacrifices that are counter to their immediate gratification but will benefit everyone in the long term.

Attributing the costs of burning carbon fuels more directly to a consumer’s use of them will reduce our demand on dirty energy sources and will have further influence on individuals and couples when deciding ultimately the number of children to have.


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Dear (Elected Official):

I am writing to urge your support toward policies that restore our climate. Reducing CO2 emissions will in the long term save the economy billions in health and environmental costs. I urge you to support promising technologies that will remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

In addition, attributing the costs of burning fossil fuels more directly to the people that use them will positively influence individuals choices towards greener lifestyles including smaller families which will have the greatest impact toward solving our climate and extinction emergencies.

Please support climate restoration for the sake of me, my family and all Americans you proudly represent. I am counting on you and will be paying attention to what you do on this issue. Should you or your staff have any questions, you may reach me at the above address.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your constituent,

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