Contact Your Leaders to Support Measures that Slow Population Growth

SAMPLE LETTER – Fill out the form at the bottom of this letter requesting support for measures that slow population growth and we will send it on your behalf to your elected representatives.

Dear (Representative):

We are significantly exceeding the environment’s ability to sustain our population’s consumption of resources, which brings significant risks to our national and global security due to growing conflicts and competition over these limited resources. It also threatens our economic stability, raises our individual cost of living and threatens the possibility for a decent quality of life for all future generations. I am calling upon you to:

  • Support a science-based review of our country’s renewable and nonrenewable resources and our consumption levels of them to determine a sustainable population number. Ecological limits must be central to decision making in our government.
  • Support a carbon tax plan that will reduce consumption and encourage smaller family sizes
  • End the Child Tax Credit and support government incentives and policies that prioritize small families;
  • Support family planning and reproductive healthcare,which can improve the health and welfare of both women and their children and help to reduce resource consumption and mitigate climate change.

These measures will drastically improve the lives, health and long-term security of American families and all of the world’s citizens. Please contact me with how you intend to act on these critical issues.


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