Give Access to Voluntary and Rights-Based Family Planning Services

Give 232 million women* in the world’s developing regions the ability to choose whether and when to become pregnant by donating to organizations that promote women’s education, healthcare and access to family planning. (*as reported by the United Nations Population Fund, 2019)

Family planning, when it is readily accessible to all who seek it and exercised as a human right, can not only improve the lives of women and girls but it can make a major contribution to environmental sustainability and fighting climate change.

“When Girls Are Educated They Become More Empowered, Tend to Marry Later in Life, Have Fewer Children, and Space Them More.”

According to the some of most respected environmental impact studies (Drawdown; Wynes & Nicholas, Lund University; World Resources Institute) girls’ education and family planning rank well ahead of many infrastructure and energy related initiatives, which are the most widely known climate change solutions.

Donate to groups working to improve women’s access to education, healthcare and family planning domestically and internationally that have received an “A” or “A+” rating for programming and fiscal responsibility (Charity Navigator).

Among them, 8 Billion Angels is proud to recommend our fiscal sponsors: